Art and History of Milano

The breakfast this morning at our hotel, NH Collection Presidente was incredible. There were omelette topping bars, a fruit station, cakes, tarts, and cookies, watermelon slices presented popcicle style, meats, cheeses, and those little strawberry shaped candies I saw yesterday, I took a bite and the American was right. They’re basically Italian Peeps!
We had hoped to tour the Duomo but the line for tickets in the hot sun was intense. We took a walk through the Vittorio Emmanuel Mall and while I looked in a bookshop, David enjoyed taking photos of people, many who were taking photos themselves,

At the bull, people spin three times on their heel to get good luck for life. Everyone was having fun doing it until one tourist wanted all sorts of still shots taken of herself on the bull, People were getting very agitated and she didn’t seem to care.

The Museo Poldi Pezzoli is named after a 19th century nobleman who lived there until he died in 1879. He was a man who enjoyed traveling and collecting great works of art. When he died, he left in his will for his estate to become a museum. 

The collections included exquisite religious paintings from the 1400’s, beautiful treasure cabinets, china, miniature compasses, and a miniature clock collection. We saw several rvideos of how the clocks looked in action, One made a candle appear and another had animals with moving eyeballs and feet.

La Triennale di Milano is a design museum. We visited their special exhibit Design For Children. The entrance to the exhibit was a bridge through a happy smiling pink face with google eyes. In the description of the exhibit it explained we were all children of a culture at one time, but don’t always remember it. I didn’t think this would be true of myself because I have fond memories of my childhood and my toys, but I saw several things I had forgotten.

The first display featured children’s furniture, It was Italian and from the 20’s and 30’s. There was an adorable merry go round with wooden ducks. We also saw a child’s barber chair shaped like a horse. 

Rocking horses filled an entire wall. I had forgotten I owned one. Games and mechanical toys were also featured, One was a robot attached to a tube and bulb you squeeze to make it move. I had forgotten I used to buy one shaped like a lobster when we stayed on Cape Cod.

Outside in the courtyard were giant plastic animals such as gorillas and horses. In front of it was a 1970’s display of kid’s street art. A video showed kids making things out of recycled materials.

Pinocchio was featured prominently. They had him represented as almost any toy you can think of,   He is huge in Italian culture. Today I see him featured in the Washington Post when they are fact checking government officials who can receive 1-5 Pinocchios for their statements.

Walking back to our hotel we passed Sforza Castle. Today it houses several museums. It looked dark and gloomy at dusk until suddenly it lit up making it almost seem to come alive.

We ended the evening at our favorite restaurant Bistro Duomo. It’s an inexpensive restaurant where you can order a small plate of pasta for $8. Outside the Duomo was all lit up and crowds were gathered all over the piazza listening to musicians. I could have sat in the square for hours listening to the music and looking at the lights. It truly is a magical place.

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