Encountering Interesting People in Milan

You know it’s going to be a hot day in Italy when the cicadas are singing by 10:00 am. By the time we started our journey to Milan from Lake Como on the ferry, people were already headed to the beaches with their mats and bags bulging with towels. I have to admit it was hard to leave such a beautiful peaceful place.

After taking a one hour train from Varenna to Milano Centrale, the main railway station, David went to the ticket machine to buy two metro tickets to our hotel. I noticed a woman in a long skirt standing beside him who appeared to be helping, but  I was immediately suspicious of her intentions, It turns out she had aggressively taken over the three euro transaction and tried to grab two euro coins in change for herself, but he took them from her. As David approached me with the tickets she angrily charged up behind him yelling in Italian, 

“Dejame pas!” (Leave me in peace) I yelled at her.  It’s Spanish not Italian so I’m not sure she understood, but she kept screaming about wanting two euros for “helping.”

“NO!” David shouted at her. She threatened to call the police and he told her go ahead, call them.  I looked around to see how everyone else including some train station employees were reacting. No response, This unfortunately may be a common occurrence there,

We love our hotel the NH Presidente, We are on the 8th floor and have a wonderful view of the duomo. Downstairs in the lobby, there were more interesting characters. Two American women were looking at the welcome treats which included All Sorts licorice, lemon water, and a jar of pink strawberry shaped treats. “What do you suppose those are?” said one American  woman to her friend,

“I think they’re Italian Peeps!” exclaimed her friend, 

I will have to try them myself tomorrow to find out. I suspect they may be marzipan.

The Milan Duomo is spectacular. We took a tour of the rooftop last summer and wanted to see the inside, but the line seemed a mile long. Vowing to go back early tomorrow morning we headed into the Civic Museum of Milan which is on the same piazza. It appears to be a small building with a winding ramp to the top, but it’s bigger than it looks and on each floor are beautifully organized art exhibits. We toured the special exhibit “New York New York” and it was so interesting to see how artists in the 1930s from Italy viewed New York. Many viewed it as a city of color, but tangled up full of taxis, people, buildings, subways, and lights.

One adorable moment was in a room with a painting by the Italian artist Carlo Carra titled “Summer.” It shows two bathers standing up with a sweet dog between them. We noticed a ten year old boy looking intently at the painting, Suddenly he took out his phone, but instead of photographing the painting, he took several photos of just the dog. It was vey sweet.

We ate dinner at a nice bistros beside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which is a gorgeous inside passageway with all the most famous shops including Prada and Louis Vuitton. For us, just window shopping there was all we needed before heading back to our hotel at the end of another great day.

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