A Day Exploring Antibes

It was supposed to rain today and we were fully prepared for it, but when we awoke, the sun was shining and the guests in the breakfast room were already planning their beach day. As it turned out, it was sunny all day.

We parked in a modern parking garage in Antibes which was underground and walked up the steps with a family from New Jersey. They were very nice, but there was one embarrassing moment when the woman crashed into a parking attendant’s office and demanded, “How do we get out of here!” The poor woman didn’t speak English so was left only guessing at what she said.

Our first stop was market day on the square in Antibes. Vendors sold fresh flowers, vegetables, lavender, fruit, honey, and spices. In one section people eagerly lined up for socca which is made from cornmeal and chickpeas. One person was rapidly cutting it while another cooked it in a brick oven where we could see the flames. Our piece was piping hot out of the oven and sprinkled with something out of a shaky jar. I’m not sure what it was but it was delicious,

Pablo Picasso actually lived in Antibes in 1946 for four months in Chateau Grimaldi of Monaco. The museum which is right on the water has beautifully lit galleries displaying his work. Amongthe masterpieces was La joie de Vivre which was in beautiful shades of blue. This was a happier time for Picasso now that the war was over. We also saw a room of his sketches and a wall of ceramics he created, each with a different design.

We decided to eat at an outdoor cafe. Our guidebook’s suggestion was closed so we chose a cafe based on popularity and on a limited menu. Restaurants that offer an extensive array of different dishes are usually not that good.

On the way back to the car we passed a wonderful toy shop and a watch shop selling Tin Tin. My sister Jane loves Tin Tin and with technology today we were able to send a photo and get a quick response. The shop owner was so pleased when we returned and told us he had the shop for over 20 years. He signed the guarantee and placed it in an official Tin Tin bag. Success!

Our car ride back to the hotel seemed to take forever. It was total grid lock but we made it and decided on a picnic dinner on the outside terrace. We had a ham and cheese sandwich and spreadable cheese and crackers.

Tonight there’s a fireworks show. We love the holiday vibe in Antibes!

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