Summer Holiday 2018 Begin: Hello Scotland

Ordinarily our blog begins with an enthusiastic description of our North Atlantic crossing. This year is somehow different. Our departure was a mixture of joy and sadness. While on the one hand we are looking forward to great adventures, we are feeling sadness by our loss of David’s mother in June and more recently by our loss of our beloved Aussie, Cooper. This trip which we almost cancelled will hopefully be a healing time for us.

Our Aer Lingus flight left Boston at 10:00 pm which is a late flight for us. The cabin was kept in darkness the entire way including dinner, but as a new day dawned over the North Atlantic our moods brightened.

Our connecting flight to Glasgow was on an ATR 42/72. It’s a plane with propellers. We have flown on them before and always feel we are stepping into a different world where we are half awake and everyone else is local, wide awake, and ready for adventure.

Our accommodation is the Argyll Western. It’s tartan themed. We booked it in February when we found it odd that most Glasgow hotels were fully booked. It turns out this week is the European championships here: track and field, swimming, gymnastics, etc.

Tonight we ate at the Ubiquitous Chip in the trendy west end. We had organic salmon and west coast hake which was delicious. After dinner we walked through part of the botanical gardens here. The greenhouses are Victorian and will be fun to explore.

I have actually been to Glasgow before, but it was a long time ago. I was only 10. My memory of our time here was it was rainy and dreary. I remember looking through the massive phone books to find my maiden name MacFeiggan and being disappointed it wasn’t there, probably because in reality the spelling was changed several times. In a story I wrote on the first day of fifth grade about my trip to Europe, I never mentioned being here in Scotland at all, but I still have a small windup doll I bought wearing a kilt.

It’s drizzling tonight and may rain tomorrow but we don’t mind. Tomorrow we’ll go out and explore this city. We look forward to what we will discover.

2 thoughts on “Summer Holiday 2018 Begin: Hello Scotland

  1. Lisa Colagiovanni says:

    LOVE living vicariously through you while in your travel adventures! Thanks for your blog and can’t wait to read more! So sorry June and July were so difficult and I hope your hearts find happiness and healing soon!


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